The BEST Summer Strawberry Slushie!

One of the most popular early summer activities in Pennsylvania seems to be strawberry picking - or at least that's what I gather from the massive number of strawberry-picking children I have seen on Facebook lately. If your children are anything like ours, they spend 80% of the time out there eating instead of picking. But somehow, we fortunately still came home with a boatload of berries! Now...what to do with all those strawberries?! We've got you covered!


When it's hot outside, my kids want to drink more than they want to eat. And when they do want to eat, they somehow think it's okay to eat ice cream everyday in the summer- not so much kids. Enter, the Summer Strawberry Slushie. This healthy "dessert" is absolutely delicious and can be easily made three different ways (4 if you want to add Tequila), but back to the kid-friendly version...

 Frozen Strawberries and Meyer Lemons

Frozen Strawberries and Meyer Lemons

If you have the forethought,  wash the strawberries, cut them up, and throw them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Please note that you can definitely make this with fresh (not frozen) strawberries, but you will need additional ice- and it's just as good.

Lemons and Lemon Juice

When I first started making Strawberry Slushies for my kids, I tired a few different liquids to thin it out. Water dilutes the flavor and coconut water didn't help either. Another time, I tried a little apple juice, but that REALLY didn't work. The flavors didn't compliment each other. I discovered that fresh squeezed lemon juice is the definite winner! The citrus enhances the flavor of the strawberries and gives the slushie a rich taste. The fresh lemon juice allows us to then use water to thin out the mixture in the blender without losing the flavor! Nothing is worse than a watered down slushie (actually, there are many things that are worse, but you get my point.)

 Frozen Strawberries, Meyer Lemons, and Organic Blue Agave

Frozen Strawberries, Meyer Lemons, and Organic Blue Agave

Like any dessert, you will have to add something to sweeten it- at least if you want your kids to drink it- and like it. Organic Blue Agave works really well in this recipe. It's already in syrup form so it blends really well. It is sweeter than sugar (so more often than not, you can use less), but also has a lower glycemic index than sugar. And it just tastes good.

Summer Strawberry Slushie

Makes 5-6 servings


2 lbs strawberries (before you cut them)

6 ounces Fresh-squeezed Lemon Juice (Approximately 6 Lemons)

6 tablespoons of Organic Blue Agave

1 cup of water

15 ice cubes (approximately)                                                                                                          

You will also need a hand juicer for the lemons, a measuring cup, and a blender. A Vitamix will blend everything at once, but if you don't have one, a Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja will work great too. However, you will have to split the recipe and do it twice, because the entire thing won't fit. Or you could just make less- but it's so darn good I wouldn't suggest that. I also recommend tasting as you mix, as everyone prefers more or less of certain ingredients.

Fun Variations

You can also pour the mixture (or left over mixture) into popsicle containers and freeze. If you want to impress your friends with a slightly more refined dessert, you can pour the slushie mix into a loaf pan and freeze. Once it's frozen, use an ice cream scoop, and you will have the most delicious Strawberry sorbet! Any way you make it- enjoy!

XO, Lindsay and Courtney

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Lindsay DeLong