R.Harbor Partners with Baby2Baby

When we decided to start R.Harbor, we knew that giving back would be part of our company's mission. We also had no doubt that helping children who are less fortunate would be our focus.

Rewind a decade or so, I (Lindsay), graduated from college, and then very naively took my Master’s in Urban Education, (that I received from a university in an upper-class suburban town), to an elementary school in Tampa's inner city. The experience was startling. Everyday, I saw how the lack of necessities, (including breakfast), negatively affected the children’s learning, behavior, and happiness. I remember feeling so bad for a low-income single mother of quintuplets, that I sent her a large care package of food over Christmas break. But this wasn’t just an issue with her family and the others in this school; it was a national epidemic.

Fast forward 10 years, Courtney and I searched for a non-profit partner for R.Harbor that provides low-income children with all of the basic necessities that help them grow, thrive, and feel loved. When we found Baby2Baby, we knew it was a perfect match! 

We are proud that a portion of every product sold goes toward helping Baby2Baby’s mission of serving underprivileged kids. Our 10% launch discount code will be available till 6/29 and always free shipping over $75.00! Use promo codes LAUNCH10 and FREESHIP75 to shop.

XO, Lindsay and Courtney


Lindsay DeLong