The Fabric of Our Future


We have a confession.  The fabric of our lives is no longer cotton.  One too many commercials from our youth convinced us that Frosted Flakes were GRRRREAT, Mentos were the Freshmaker, and Cotton WAS the fabric of our lives.  But then we grew up and realized that quality fabric can be so much more.

How do we know this?  Well, when we started R. Harbor, we literally scoured over fabric samples, felt clothing in every store we walked into and sent little swatches back and forth with fabric mills both in and out of the United States.  We tested (and re-tested) in the washing machine and it. took. months. All of this testing and washing and swishing and swatching made us realize that while cotton is nice, there are other fabrics that are less transparent, maintain their newness much longer, and are more conducive for an active lifestyle.

While it wasn't easy to pick from the thousands of options- we knew that we had found the winner when our kids refused to take off the samples and the neighborhood kids asked if we were making pants too! Once it passed the kid test, and we uncovered how super eco-friendly this fabric was- we took no time in picking (gorgeous) colors that would go with most outfits.  After all of that pondering and feeling fabrics, we had finally found "the one".  It also has a finish (aka what gives it the UPF protection and wicks moisture) that is non-toxic and is processed to ensure little-to-no impact on the environment (and Made in the USA!)

R. Harbor is poised to show your little darlings about the Fabric of Our Future...quality pill and fade resistant garments with high thread count to cover up that princess underwear AND it keeps R. Harbors clean (Get it? R. Harbors...See what we did there?).  So get excited and stay connected to our new classic line... available TODAY!

Lindsay DeLong